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After a long day of traveling, we were happy to arrive In our hometown of Horseheads at the Budget Inn around 1 in the morning. However, we were less than impressed when we got to the hotel room door and the ripped up carpeting greeted us.

Went to turn on a light with the lamp that had no shade, and the other lamp that had a stained shade. Proceeded to pull the broken curtains and noticed the sliding glass door that had no handle. It DID have a piece of duct tape holding it together with a hole that you can stick your finger through if you want to experience the cold and snowy night. Turned up the heat on the disgusting radiator, and couldn't help but notice of the stains on the ceiling.

The bath tub was dirty along the sides and bottom. The stained towels folded neatly for our use. Attempted to get comfortable in our beds with the smoke holes burned into the sheets and the comforters. In the middle of the night, one of us was awakened by the noise of a young girl running down the hallway.

We went out to the car to try to find some ear plugs. At that point we noticed the outside "secure" door is not such thing. ANYONE CAN COME AND GO without the use of a hotel card. There was no further sleeping after that.

We went to the front desk a short time later and asked for a refund. The girl on duty (Samantha) explained that the Manager (Amy) frequently doesn't answer her phone. When the manager DID call her back, she told the front desk clerk, that no refund would be issued, and she could not come to the front desk. This place is disgusting and has both Motel 6 and Budget Inn hotel names on the signs..leaving one to guess whether it is currently managed by motel 6 or budget inn.

The dumpster was a disgusting site. The front lobby area with the free coffee and stained up couches looked like something out of a frat house.

Check out other pictures showing another broken door. Wow..out 60 bucks and a sleepless night in Horseheads!

Product or Service Mentioned: Budget Inn Room.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $60.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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