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I stayed at the Budget Inn in Pinellas Park, Florida off Hwy 19 N from Thursday, 9/22 until Monday, 9/25.

I've never stayed in such a rat hole! I stayed in room 104.

In addition, my room was never cleaned from the day I checked it nor throughout the weekend. I had to go to the front office to get bath towels which I was given kitchen towels! And no clean towels afterwards. Oh the bottom metal bed frame stuck out easily to trip over. I could not close the bathroom door due to it'd been warped.

There was a lot of "activity" going on on the grounds after dark. I noticed women standing outside their motel room. The night before I left I got in little after 9 from seeing my ill mother all day and as I was unlocking my door a car with some men pulled up by the curb and the driver said to me, "Hey beautiful what you up too!" I didn't look back nor reply to him I hurriedly went in the room and bolted the door.

I've stayed at numerous motels in the past and never encountered such filtiness nor uneasiness about my safety.

I'd like someone from Budget Inn to contact me. I did speak to the manager about the room. His reply was he'd talk to housekeeping.

Cheryl Carroll 337-396-9475


Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss bad quality of budget inn room. Budget Inn needs to read this review and look into the issue (if any) according to poster's claims.

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Phoenix, Arizona, United States #1227400

This is the current conditions of a major multitude of motels across the country. Local govt officials know all to well these places exist and don't do anything about them.

The owners that are buying these "by the week motels" are fostering drug dealing and prostitution. When confronted with these issues they of course give the obligatory answer that its "outrageous" and the motel doesn't condone these activities but do nothing to combat them. The conditions of the rooms usually are as follows: Plumbing: leaks in the sinks, corroded faucets, bad water filtration systems if any at all make the water just nasty. Bathroom and kitchen conditions: walls and grouts are moldy and nasty from not being cleaned properly or the hard water content of the motels.

What makes it even more insulting is that the prices being charged are comparable to hotels that are clean and quiet and well kept

The long term or weekly to monthly tenants share a responsibility here because they wont report these things to the owners. For some reason the people who are living in these places feel that they don't have a right to say something or are embarrassed of their current financial conditions so they don't feel like they have the right, even though they are being raked over the coals in rent, to ask for these repairs.

These "no-tell motels" are the breeding grounds for illness and crimes.

The local inspectors are bought off, police can only do so much if they aren't made aware of the crimes being committed in them. Thugs and punks harass women and families and since theres no harm in just "talking" to someone, in their own unique way, people just have to put up with it for an overcharged nasty *** room.

First Born Triplet
Ontario, Canada #1226073

Why did you not request a different room? Just wondering?

to First Born Triplet Phoenix, Arizona, United States #1227402

If one room is like that then all remaining rooms are like that. The owners bought these places and they should have invested the money to rip out and redo all that is wrong. This is the disrespect owners have for the tenants and the greed they display...reminds me of the movie "The Super" with Joe Pesci, lol.

Naples, Florida, United States #1222712

The moment you opened the door to go inside the room you could have inspected the room and left immediately. The fact that you stayed anyway pretty much means you accepted the room as is.

The hotel has no control over the people who stay there or their activities.

First Born Triplet
to LadyScot Ontario, Canada #1226075

I agree with some points and disagree with some points. While that hotel has no control over the people that stay and their activities they are responsible to clean the room before giving the key to a guest.

But if the OP really saw the conditions were that bad he should have asked for a new room. It is not her fault or the hotel's fault that there are creeps there, but she should have reported the man that harassed her.

to First Born Triplet Naples, Florida, United States #1226085

Hey beautiful what you up to is not harassment.

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